Romain Amalfitano: Newcastle bound midfielder

The past few days have been happy times in the Amalfitano household, not only did Marseille midfielder Morgan receive his first call to the French national team but stories started to emerge this week that 22-year old midfielder Romain Amalfitano will become the newest player to join the French revolution at Newcastle United.

The Stade de Reims midfielder’s contract expires in the summer and Alan Pardew is keen to have the deal done well before the season finishes. This move has the possibility of being another coup for the Toon. Romain has already shown signs this season that he could follow in his excellent brothers foot steps and although not playing in France’s top flight he is a player that Ligue 2 observers are positive towards with their praise.

English scout James Eastham had this to say about Amalfitano on twitter:

“linked to #NUFC today: technically excellent little player, ideal just behind the strikers”

Friend of the site and Ligue 2 expert Steve Wyss said the following when asked about the player:

“As the younger brother of OM’s Morgan, you can see that football class clearly runs in the family. In many ways, he is similar to his brother in that he’s a superb creative player, although perhaps not quite as versatile. He preferred position is sitting in the AMID hole behind the strikers, although he is also capable of playing a more deep lying playmaker role.

He is light on his feet and you can tell he has a high technique and skill level. Not so much of a goalscorer, or even someone who assists that often. His main strength is his excellent pass ability and vision is excellent.”

Here at FFW we are happy to fill the gaps in knowledge of these lesser know players so we have scoured the internet for footage of Romain this season. Stade de Reims currently sit 2nd in Ligue 2 and he has scored three goals and provided three assists.


Week 1 – Assist v RC Lens – 1:20


Week 3 – Goal v AS Monaco – 1:45


Week 4 – Goal and an assist v Arles-Avignon – Assist: 0:50 secs Goal 2:52


Week 11 – Goal v Tours FC – 2:20


Week 18 – Assist v Le Havre – 0:58


As you can see Romain Amalfitano is a very capable midfielder, able to use both feet and has a great eye for a pass. Playing in the midfield he is able to drift wide on both flanks, delivering some excellent crosses (like his brother) but he can also burst through the middle, timing his runs beautifully to get on the end of a pass.

Whether he can make the same runs and passes moving up to the Premier League from Ligue 2 remains to be seen. Romain is an exciting young player and just the type of player that could flourish under the watch of Alan Pardew and his Newcastle United staff.

It would have been nice to see him in Ligue 1 for a couple of years, either with Reims or another club, but if the move goes through it will be exciting to see how he progresses.


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