Kylian Mbappé announces his arrival in Algeria


By: Manu Tournoux

French star, Kylian Mbappé, has just declared that he has just scheduled a visit to his mother’s country, Algeria.

Kylian Mbappé is currently in Cameroon, the country where we are from his father. The Bondynois is taking advantage of this trip, hoping to make another one soon. He promised to also go to Algeria, the country of his mother.

Mbappé promises to come to Algeria

“Coming to Algeria? We’re trying to schedule it for soon, he said in an interview with the Ivorian media NCI. It would be a pleasure. If I don’t go there all the time, it’s because I don’t have much time. I never saw that as a constraint. Africa is my roots”.

The PSG striker also made it known that he was carefully following the course of Djamel Belmadi’s Fennecs: “Algeria has a good team and they won the CAN. They are a team to be reckoned with and they are not forgotten. Unfortunately, they couldn’t play the last World Cup. Cameroon eliminated them. But they will try to be next”.

Overall, Mbappé considers African football to be progressing. To the question if a selection from this continent can win the World Cup soon, he replied: “I don’t hope so much that I will play there (laughs). But if I don’t win, I hope I will. And Morocco has shown that it is possible and that we can do great things. There is no longer any reason for Africans to put up barriers. Athletically and technically, these teams are broken in. »

Finally, Mbappé concluded by indicating that it was not excluded that his son plays for a country other than France: “Which country will my son play for? It’s an easy question. It comes from the heart and he will see the connection he has with these countries. Maybe he would have a bigger connection with Cameroon. It’s a choice he will make, it’s a personal choice. And I’m sure he will make the right choice because it will come from the heart.

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