Éric Roy awaits Real Madrid in Brest!


By: Manu Tournoux

Brest coach Eric Roy already sees himself playing in the next Champions League with his Finistère team.

Stade Brestois is currently 2e in the Ligue 1 standings. A place that the Finistériens did not steal. And if they continue with their current momentum, they can very well finish the season in the Top 4 and thus achieve historic qualification for the next Champions League.

In their entire history, Brestois have never played in a European Cup. Their best ranking in the championship was 8th in 1987. In 2010, under the orders of Alex Dupont, they remained leaders for three days in the fall but the state of grace did not last too long.

Roy dreams of a clash against Real Madrid

So, Brest in C1. A certain Eric Roy can already be seen there. Coach of this training, he begins to dream of the most beautiful European posters. “Imagine Real at Le Blé,” he said in an interview with So Foot.

The scenario is still quite unlikely. Not because Brest cannot aim for the most beautiful event, but it is because there is very little chance that their current venue will be authorized to host European matches. It does not meet the standards set. A move to a neighboring city (Nantes or Rennes) will probably be necessary.

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