“Mbappé? I support him 200%! » Micoud completely turns his jacket around


By: Manu Tournoux

Often critical of the PSG star, Johan Micoud has finally defended Kylian Mbappé.

Johan Micoud, former French international, is used to venting his anger on Kylian Mbappé. In each of his media interventions, he points out the faults of the PSG striker. But, curiously, on Monday evening, he did the opposite.

While the Bondynois is assailed by criticism for his selfish attitude at the end of the Classic against OM, Micoud did not hesitate to defend him. But it was not in relation to his message on social networks, but rather concerning his choice not to extend.

Micoud clears Mbappé

“I agree 200% with Mbappé, he confided on the L’Equipe Channel. He has the right to do what he wants. It's his choice, if he doesn't want to sign, he doesn't sign. It’s PSG’s fault for not having signed him for four or five years.”

While clearing the Parisian number 7, Micoud still agrees to say that the latter is missing his outing in Paris. On the other hand, he judges that he can still repair the broken problems. For this, he advises him to outperform against Barça. “We only talk about his exit and not about what he did or what he could have done at the club. And there will be a very important moment for me to see if he leaves in style or not: the quarter-final of the Champions League. For me, he must succeed in these two matches. Because if he misses them and they are eliminated, it will be a bad outing. If it goes well, the majority of people will forget his attitude and greet him when he leaves. But I won't forget. Because what he has been showing for several weeks is really not the attitude of a captain.”

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