EdF: the strong demand from Jérôme Rothen to Marseillais with Mbappé


By: Manu Tournoux

This evening, the Blues challenge Chile in a friendly at the Vélodrome, three days after the defeat against Germany in Lyon. A match during which we will logically be attentive to the treatment that the Marseillais will reserve for Kylian Mbappé, the star of PSG. In his show Rothen ignitesJérôme Rothen asked OM fans not to whistle the Parisian, even though the player himself had said he expected to be whistled.

“It's part of football, it's true, but the problem is that we're talking about selection football. And it's also part of football, of the history of the selection in the provinces and in certain places like Marseille. I find it totally… I'm not going to say scandalous because I experienced it and it's not because I had difficulty accepting it with the French team jersey to be whistled at. in Montpellier and where there were quite a few Marseille supporters at the time. You expect it but here we are talking about the French team jersey. Does it happen like this in other selections and in other countries? For us, it happens in France because, already, we still have this problem of patriotism. We suffer from that, it’s the history of France which is like that. So there is a little less pride among some in wearing the French team jersey than others may have, for example in the South American selections or even in Italy. Where I say that I have difficulty accepting it is because this Tuesday evening, you are coming to support the France team. So if you whistle Kylian Mbappé, you whistle Kolo Muani, you whistle Lucas Hernandez, you whistle Zaire-Emery, you whistle Dembélé. In fact you will spend your time whistling and therefore you will play against your selection, against your country”, launched the consultant. It remains to be seen whether his words will be heard in Marseille.

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