Endrick's touching message for his little brother


By: Manu Tournoux

Against Spain tomorrow evening, Endrick will play his first minutes at the Santiago Bernabeu, but with the Brazil jersey. Whoever joins Real Madrid next summer is considered one of the great hopes of world football, and can start dreaming big. Thus, through a letter to his little brother aged 4, Endrick spoke about the change in life for his family and him. “In our family, we were not born into wealth. We were born in football”first indicated the future Merengue striker.

“I don't know when you will read this letter, but for now you are 4 years old, and our lives are changing very quickly. In the next few months I'm going to go to Spain to play for Real Madrid – yes, the team I always choose on PlayStation when you look at me (…) But now we can do whatever we want, it n There's more stress. Thanks to God, mom, dad and football. Enjoy your life as you wish, my brother. This is my gift to you.”, continued the 17-year-old. A touching message.

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