Bayern Munich found a strong argument to convince Xabi Alonso


By: Manu Tournoux

Unbeaten. Xabi Alonso continues to dazzle European football with his Bayer Leverkusen, described as the best team in the world by Lothar Matthäus. The Spanish coach continues his incredible adventure with the German club, well on his way to winning the championship title under the nose of the great Bayern Munich. All while racking his brains for his personal future. And we understand that the choice will not be easy. The options are known: stay in Leverkusen and play in the Champions League there with the team he built, go to Liverpool, go to Bayern Munich.

Xabi Alonso has a chance that few coaches know, he is the recruitment priority of two major clubs on the European scene. First, his heart fell for Liverpool, where he played for 5 seasons. Because the English club is stable and has a solid workforce. But little by little, some fears arose. What if Jürgen Klopp's succession was too heavy to bear? How could you do better than this trainer adored by an entire population?

Bayern Munich takes over Liverpool

While at Bayern Munich, whose interest was initially greeted with skepticism, there is everything to rebuild after the ultimately failed stints of Nagelsmann and Tuchel. He will certainly be expected there with pressure, but will have less difficulty in doing better than his predecessors. Bayern have therefore regained the upper hand in recent days in the mind of the 42-year-old Spanish coach. According to our information, at present, he is ready to repel the advances of Liverpool, and to accept those of Bayern Munich.

Especially since it has certain guarantees on recruitment. He could thus take with him several players from Bayer Leverkusen, in particular the right back Jérémie Frimpong, a position which poses a problem for Bayern Munich. Other elements could follow it. Xabi Alonso has not yet made a definitive decision but the Bavarian club has obviously been able to tip the scales in its favor…

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