Manchester United: England pushes Marcus Rashford towards PSG


By: Manu Tournoux

This is what we call a disappointing season for a player of his level. Since the start of the 2023-2024 financial year, Marcus Rashford has struggled to stand out positively for Manchester United. In addition to his behavioral problems sanctioned by Erik ten Hag, the English striker displays a level of play very far from what he can do. Author of 8 small goals in 36 matches this season, he even ended up losing his place in England's eleven. During this international break, the 26-year-old striker only played 15 minutes in two matches while Harry Kane, his main competitor up front, was out just like Bukayo Saka. Sign of its decline for several months.

And if the player hadn't understood about this gathering, this Thursday morning, the English press plastered it everywhere: Marcus Rashford's place for the Euro seems complicated to find. It would be a big surprise since he has played in all international competitions since Euro 2016. After the match against Belgium, journalists even tried to question Gareth Southgate about this choice to do without the Mancunian striker. But the English coach kicked in and explained that he wanted to see other players during this break. A speech in continuation of the one he had given before this truce since he had already warned Marcus Rashford. “He has a battle between Gordon, Palmer and Foden, so we have big competition for places in that area. What happens when players are at their club is important to the club because they know the whole story. Obviously, we observe everything, we don't miss anything. I'm not saying that off-field behavior isn't relevant, because that's clearly not the case. But the main thing is that we mainly focus on performance on the pitch.”

The English press sends him to PSG

THE Telegraph don't hesitate to headline about Marcus Rashford this Thursday: “his place for the Euro is more than uncertain”. And the English media is obviously not the only one. For The Athleticthe legend Alan Shearer also made some rather crude comments, particularly about his adventure at Manchester United. “The Euro? It's far from certain for him. He's not a center forward, he doesn't want to play there. He would play the role of a wide forward who could play as a striker in an emergency. His body language shows he doesn't want to play there for Manchester United.” And this is precisely the subject discussed in the English press in recent hours. After 19 years with the Red Devils, Marcus Rashford has visibly reached the end of his Mancunian adventure and to regain his former glory, a departure seems inevitable.

In its columns, the Daily Mail also lists several reasons which illustrate the break between the player and his club. “He seems to have forgotten that he is a professional footballer playing for club and national team. He behaved like someone who has none of these responsibilities, opportunities, benefits or privileges. » To start from scratch, the England international (60 caps) needs to see other things. And the English press knows where he could bounce back to become England's star again: at PSG to succeed Kylian Mbappé while the Daily Mail explains that contacts already exist. “He is in contact with Paris Saint-Germain, which could be an option if it is a decision that interests him. He will win league titles, play in the Champions League and he will get away from the pressure of United and the British media. This has its advantages. » In the tough, Marcus Rashford must bounce back. And England wants to see him reborn, even if it means letting him leave their beloved Premier League.

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