Racism: the incendiary press release from Naples after the acquittal of Francesco Acerbi


By: Manu Tournoux

Francesco Acerbi can breathe a big sigh of relief. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Italian justice decided to acquit the Inter defender due to a lack of evidence in the accusations against Juan Jesus. However, there were many elements going in the direction of the Neapolitan, some of which were recognized by the courts. The Italian actually insulted him by “dirty nigger” during Inter-Naples on March 17. The affair will undoubtedly end there despite the press release from the Partenopei this Tuesday evening who say “stunned” by this decision.

“Mr. Acerbi was not sanctioned. At this stage, the culprit should, for sporting “justice”, be Juan Jesus who would have unfairly accused a colleague. It is unreasonable to think that he misunderstood. The chronology of the facts with the excuses on the field, taken into account by sporting justice, disappears in this sentence. We are stunned. Furthermore, if what happened on the pitch, as the phrase says, “is certainly compatible with the expression of insults directed… by the Inter player, and not ignored in their offensive and threatening content by the latter”, why not impose a sanction on the latter? Why then, does the sentence always say: “the proof of the offense having certainly been established”, has no decision been taken by the sporting “justice” in this regard to sanction the person responsible? We are even more stunned. Naples will no longer join the facade initiatives of football institutions against racism and forms of discrimination. We will continue to do them ourselves, as we have always done, with renewed conviction and determination.”

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