Tonali, more bets!


By: Manu Tournoux

Already suspended for 10 months for betting on matches in Italy, Sandro Tonali is accused by the English Federation of having placed 50 bets between August and October 2023.

The troubles are not over for Sandro Tonali. Suspended for 10 months on October 26 for betting on Serie A matches while playing for AC Milan, the Italian midfielder faces new accusations, this time from the English Federation (FA).

“Sandro Tonali is accused of misconduct in relation to alleged breaches of FA betting rules, explains the Federation press release.The Newcastle United midfielder is alleged to have breached FA Rule E8 on 50 occasions by placing bets on football matches between August 12, 2023 and October 12, 2023. Sandro Tonali has until April 5 2024 to answer. »

New blow for Tonali and Newcastle

These 50 bets, which would have been made before the first affair came to light last October, could earn Tonali a new sanction. It would be a hard blow for the 2020 European champion and for his club, which spent 70 million euros to recruit him last summer.

“Newcastle United is aware of a misconduct charge received by Sandro Tonali relating to alleged breaches of FA betting rules. Sandro continues to fully comply with relevant investigations and retains the full support of the club, indicate the Magpies in reaction. Due to this ongoing process, Sandro and Newcastle United are unable to make any further comment at this time. » Tonali only played 12 matches for his club before being suspended.

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