Monza: Daniel Maldini is destroying everything in Serie A


By: Manu Tournoux

It's difficult, at first glance, to go unnoticed when you have a surname as heavy to carry as that of the Maldini. It's also difficult not to succumb to dizziness when you are the son of one of the greatest Italian players in history. However, Daniel Maldini advances with his chin raised and seems vaccinated against pressure in all its forms. Son of Paolo, and grandson of Cesare, the 22-year-old striker has been playing for Monza since this winter, never far from Casa Milan, the Maldini stronghold. It is also AC Milan that he still belongs to, but who therefore loaned him to strengthen himself.

After an almost blank first part of the season with Empoli (7 Serie A matches), Daniel Maldini joined the club chaired by Paolo Berlusconi, brother of the late Silvio and former boss of AC Milan when Paolo Maldini was still playing there. A success, at least for the moment. Little used by the excellent Raffaele Palladino upon his arrival in January, the young striker was able to turn things around, a perilous mission in a team which was doing relatively well (Monza is 10th in Serie A, to everyone's surprise).

He is decisive every 38 minutes

What obviously favored this change of status was this start against… AC Milan, on February 18. Substitute at kick-off, Maldini actively contributed to his team's success in the second half (4-2), under the helpless gaze of his father. He only needed nine minutes before being a decisive passer for Frenchman Warren Bondo. Six days later, he scored his first goal after a devastating stint with Gagliardini, then distinguished himself again against Genoa, 15 days ago, by scoring the winning goal four minutes after his entry (2- 3). But the highlight of the show is undoubtedly his last marvel against Cagliari, just before the break. Rewarded for his good performances with a start, Maldini gave the Biancorossi victory with a magnificent free kick in the first period (1-0). 3 goals and 1 effort in 151 minutes, or a decisive action every 38 minutes: these are the astonishing statistics of the 22-year-old player.

“Daniel is a very interesting player, I have followed him since the Milan youth teams. It’s a raw talent that needs to be honed. He comes from a great football dynasty., recently praised his trainer Raffaele Palladino about him. Moreover, the Italian press was reporting a possible permanent transfer of the player to Monza at the end of the season. At a time when the Italian selection is also looking for its number nine, his name is mentioned here and there in the media. Obviously, Maldini will still have to wait before establishing his status as an international player, unless he opts for the Venezuelan selection, with whom he is eligible through his mother. According to Tuttosport, the Vinotinto Federation is seriously interested in the idea of ​​integrating the player into its ranks. This would not be anything new for a player of Italian origin, after Massimo Margiotta and Ernesto Torregrossa. On the other hand, it would be for the Maldini dynasty, accustomed to the blue jersey for more than six decades.

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