EdF Espoirs: Lucas Chevalier says he is close to the A


By: Manu Tournoux

At a press conference yesterday, Thierry Henry, coach of the Espoirs, affirmed that Lucas Chevalier had the potential to become captain. It's been two years now since the LOSC goalkeeper has been called to the France Espoirs team meetings, which has made him gain ground. The 22-year-old goalkeeper is on the verge of a call-up to Didier Deschamps' A, not far behind Alphonse Areola, current third goalkeeper. Lucas Chevalier is aware of this, as he reports in the columns of The Team This morning.

“There's no need to make tongues, and I think so, right now, I'm in front of the entrance. But I'm not there yet! This is a goal that I am setting for myself in the more or less near future. It doesn't bother me; If one day that happens, my status will change, I will be asked even more, but for the moment I am not there. If I can do both (play the Euro then the Olympics), I will do both (laughs) Afterwards, is it compatible? » asks the Frenchman. With Thierry Henry, the Lille goalkeeper is in competition with Guillaume Restes, the Toulouse goalkeeper, also promised a bright future.

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