Zidane, a big clash at France 98?


By: Manu Tournoux

Teammates in the French team jersey, Thierry Henry and Zinedine Zidane have often been pitted against each other. Much to the former Gunner's dismay.

Fake news has been circulating in the French team for almost twenty years. We would have had to wait until one of his very last matches with the Blues to see Zinedine Zidane send an assist to Thierry Henry, on the way to becoming the most prolific scorer in the history of the selection. However, before this historic offering during the quarter-final of the 2006 World Cup against Brazil, there was the one delivered in the first match of Euro 2000.

Opposed to Denmark, the Blues were leading 1-0 after a quarter of an hour of play when in the 64the minute, Thierry Henry initiates an express counterattack and passes the ball to Zinedine Zidane. With a nice little dive in one touch, the Juventus player puts it back in depth, the French striker using his speed to deceive Peter Schmeichel.

“I never had a problem with him”

But the supposed absence of an assist from the Blues' playing master for his chief attacker served the ambient discourse according to which the two men did not get along. On and off the field. A supposed disagreement vigorously contested by the former Gunner. “With Zizou, we were not compared, we were opposed. And it was super lame. I have enormous respect for Zizou. He calls me the American, and I the Ancient. I never had a problem with him. Honestly, it was heavy, he regretted in the columns of Le Parisien. Moreover, when he gave me his first assist with the A, in the quarter-final of the 2006 World Cup against Brazil (1-0), he exclaimed at the end of the match: 'Now, we don't can no longer say that I never gave him one.'”

“There we are talking about Zizou. A monster. Everyone had their own character, he added. We were five years apart, I was closer to Wiltord, Nico (Anelka) or David (Trezeguet). As he was always with Duga. But he even said once: 'Titi, he's the funniest of the group.' »

Thierry Henry also took the opportunity to reestablish another truth.“On the pitch, I was super annoying, but always for the good of the team. Outside, I liked to laugh, make everyone laugh in the locker room and laugh during training, he assured. That too weighed on me. In the world of football, people knew but no one said it. It wasn't for me to say, 'Hey, by the way, I'm a funny guy too.' »

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