PSG: Javier Pastore accuses the French of having undermined Messi


By: Manu Tournoux

Lionel Messi (36 years old) spent two years at Paris Saint-Germain. Two years during which the Argentinian won two French Championships. He also scored 32 goals and provided 35 assists in 75 appearances in all competitions. But La Pulga will not keep her time in France in her heart. Deprecated by the Parisian public, Messi has often represented, in the eyes of Parisian fans, the bling bling policy desired by the capital club to the detriment of sporting performances. But according to Javier Pastore, if Messi didn't feel well in France… it's because of the French.

“This uncomfortable situation was caused more by the French than by the club. Seen from the outside, the club tried to protect itself because the club is still there and will continue to be there. And people will continue to go to the stadium to see their club. A club will never side with a player, ever, because they have much more behind them than just one player, even if he is the best player in the world. But the French were very hurt by the World Cup, by many things, and they didn't even forgive him for a bad patch. They were resentful. And they whistled him, just like they whistled Neymar incredibly. The Frenchman is difficult and it is difficult to convince him. I was lucky, I was loved from day one, and they showed me affection for which I am grateful. Sometimes I don't understand why they love me so much”he confided to The Nation.

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