Mbappé, the incredible turnaround is becoming clearer!


By: Manu Tournoux

While his absence from the Olympic Games seemed to be confirmed, Kylian Mbappé can count on the support of everyone at the highest level to participate in the Olympics.

One Mbappé soap opera chases the other. If his future is no longer in doubt, the top scorer in Ligue 1 having already announced his departure from PSG and seemingly having to finally join Real Madrid at the end of the season, the question of his presence at the Games, this summer, however, remains unanswered for the time being.

Real Madrid have certainly already sent a letter to the French Football Federation to tell it that it does not intend to release its players for the Olympic Games, as authorized by Fifa. A position which does not seem to be enough to make Thierry Henry give up. “If he does well at Real, I would keep asking. I wouldn't stop there. We're talking about Kylian, but there's also Camavinga, Tchouaméni and Mendy there. I will try until the end, because I want the best team”, he confided in the columns of Le Parisien, adding: “What can you do except be polite, ask, ask again and again? It's like when, at Christmas, you asked your parents for the same gift ten times, without success, and you still start again for the eleventh time… You have to ask. Who stops at the first refusal? »

“I will help them”

And Thierry Henry is not the only one not wanting to give up. The same is true of Philippe Diallo. “There is a sort of higher interest of the country that must prevail. The whole world will be watching us. We must field our best team, with the captain of the Blues”he said to World, specifying: “I hope that his wish will be granted. »

And Thursday morning, this time it was the Minister of Sports who stepped up to the plate to say that she will do everything to ensure that Kylian Mbappé but also Antoine Griezmann are at the Olympic meeting. “I think the French all dream of it, including me, obviously. I believe that he himself expressed his taste for Olympism, his desire to be part of this adventure”she confided to the microphone of RMC.

“Then it’s the clubs, because we know that we need the green light from the clubs. What makes me very happy is that I sense a lot of fighting spirit both from the coach and from the Federation to ensure that we have our great footballers, the greatest, those who make us dream the most “, she continued, specifying: “The president of the FFF said that he would make his rounds (of the clubs) when the selection was going to be refined by Thierry Henry. Absolutely (she will try to change the minds of recalcitrant clubs), absolutely. I will help them.”

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