Madrilenians are starting to get annoyed with Thierry Henry and France


By: Manu Tournoux

“I’ll keep asking.” I wouldn't stop there. We're talking about Kylian, but there's also Camavinga, Tchouaméni and Mendy there. I will try until the end, because I want the best team. But it comes back to the same debate: what to do apart from being polite, asking, asking again and again? It's like when, at Christmas, you asked your parents for the same gift ten times, without success, and you still start again for the eleventh time… You have to ask. Who stops at the first refusal? ». The words of Thierry Henry, Olympic coach, on Kylian Mbappé are very clear.

It must be said that Real Madrid – Bondynois' future club – has no intention of releasing the player this summer for the Olympic Games. The same goes for its other French players potentially selectable for the competition. The Madrilenians want everyone to be there for the training in North America, very important in financial and marketing terms, and above all, do not want their players to get injured or get tired, a few days before the resumption of La Liga .

Madrilenians do not want to see Mbappé in Paris

Thierry Henry's multiple declarations are starting to annoy more than one in Madrid. Especially when the latter suggested that Mbappé's future was not yet decided and that it was not yet sure that the Bondynois would finish in Madrid. “Henry wants revenge on Real Madrid”for example explained Josep Pedrerol, the presenter of the famous show El Chiringuito de Jugones. It must be said that on the Madrid side, in addition to the Merengue leaders, journalists and supporters do not want Mbappé to play in these Olympic Games for the reasons cited above.

In the famous Spanish show, the opinions were quite unanimous: France has no say, and the attacker has a (future) contract to respect. Madrilenians also expect Mbappé to make a decision and definitively put an end to this soap opera. “If Mbappé does not comply with club policy, there could be a bad atmosphere in the squad”alert even Defensa Central. Thierry Henry, the Federation and Mbappé are warned…

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