Hospitalized, Pierre Ménès gives news


By: Manu Tournoux

Plagued by recurring health problems, Pierre Ménès had to be operated on again this Thursday. He gave his news.

For several years now, Pierre Ménès has been forced to cope with a failing physique. The former pair of Hervé Mathoux at Channel Football Club notably underwent a double kidney and liver transplant more than seven years ago, after contracting Nash cirrhosis. Then very weakened by a severe COVID, he followed a few months later with an infection which sent him to the hospital again. A place he frequented again this week, with yet another operation to boot.

It was Pierre Ménès himself who informed his followers on social networks. While he now resides near La Baule, the sixty-year-old man posted a photo on Wednesday, taken in a room at Beaujon hospital, located in Clichy, in western Paris. A photo with a caption in a wry tone: “ The never-ending story. » He clarified this week in a video that he was going to be operated on, giving some details to his followers.

Operation went well

I will be operated on on Thursday on the bile ducts by endoscopy, that is to say through the mouth. They put a prosthesis below my liver. (…) So I won’t be very available this week. As always, I take care of my health. » Pierre Ménès, however, arranged to meet Internet users on Saturday to discuss the friendly match between France and Germany which will take place the same day in Lyon (9 p.m.).

This Thursday, he took the time to post a new message to give his post-operative news. “ I just came back from the block. Everything apparently went well. Now rest. Thank you for your support. » Support, the former Canal+ troublemaker actually receives a lot, he who can count on a certain number of his two and a half million subscribers on X to help him get through another painful moment. Now away from the media, Pierre Ménès nonetheless keeps a keen eye on football. He also regularly posts videos on his YouTube channel, with an opinion that is always as clear-cut on the different subjects that he addresses.

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