What are the salaries of Stade de Reims players?


By: Manu Tournoux

Now well established in Ligue 1, the Reims club remains no less reasonable.

Eighth budget in Ligue 1, Stade de Reims is certainly no longer the ogre that crushed the championship in its heyday. He nevertheless continues his seasons in the elite, despite his wisdom on the transfer market.

The highest paid players of the Champagne club, Yunis Abdelhamid and Junya Ito receive 'only' 100,000 euros per month, which is far from what is done among the championship's competitors.

The 10 highest paid players in Reims (monthly salary)

1- Y. Abdelhamid €100,000
– J. Ito €100,000
3- E. Agbadou €70,000
– Mr. Daramy €70,000
– B. Stambouli €70,000
– Mr. Munetsi €70,000
– J. Okumu €70,000
– T. Teuma €70,000
9- K. Nakamura €60,000
– T. Foket €60,000

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