Turpin, the incredible salary


By: Manu Tournoux

Long considered the benchmark for referees in France, Clément Turpin receives comfortable compensation.

If this season he finds himself in turmoil, sometimes controversial and considered difficult to upset given his experience and his aura – an observation which particularly harms the effectiveness of video assistance – Clément Turpin does not stay there least a reference from French arbitration. With her female counterpart Stéphanie Frappart – also an international referee – and François Letexier new number 1 in the national ranking according to the own admission of the boss of French officials Antony Gautier.

This Wednesday evening, L'Equipe lifts the veil on the alleged emoluments of the most famous French referee. A Clément Turpin who last season, at the end of an exercise which saw him direct the final of the Champions League between Real Madrid and Liverpool, officiated in 39 matches, “ for income close to 260,000 euros gross », Reports the aforementioned sports daily.

Up to 10,000 euros per international match

The memorandum of understanding for the period from 1er July 2022 to June 30, 2026 adopted by the FFF, the LFP and the referees' union (SAFE) details the monthly remuneration of referees in three distinct parts: “ a fixed part, called preparation compensation; a variable part consisting of match compensation and weekday match compensation, and a UEFA Elite enhancement compensation for eligible referees. »

For the latter, four in number in France – Clément Turpin, François Letexier, Benoît Bastien and Stéphanie Frappart – a monthly bonus of 2,000 euros is added to a monthly preparation allowance of 7,239 euros gross (compared to 6,894 euros last season), plus 3,375 euros bonus for each match officiated as central referee in Ligue 1 (5,000 euros for a European match, and up to 10,000 euros for an international match as part of a great competition).

An average annual salary of 165,000 euros in L1

Each time they are summoned, the elite referees also receive a daily allowance of 200 euros over three days – or 600 euros – for travel, hotel and meal expenses. “ Which gives, on average, around €165,000 per year for a Ligue 1 referee and more for the four who also officiate at European level. », notes L’Equipe. In total, the Professional Football League pays more than 17 million euros each year to the French Football Federation for the remuneration of referees.

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