Pogba, his message puts his fans on alert


By: Manu Tournoux

Suspended since August for a positive testosterone test, Paul Pogba posted a mysterious message this Wednesday on social networks.

Paul Pogba's career is at a complete standstill. Already experiencing ups and downs for several seasons, this time it came to a sudden halt when the Juventus midfielder tested positive for testosterone on August 20. A few weeks later, the analysis of the second sample confirmed the initial results, pushing the Italian anti-doping prosecutor to issue an immediate four-year suspension against the 2018 world champion. Having announced that he would refer the matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) , Paul Pogba is patient. This Wednesday, he posted a message that sparked a reaction.

On his social networks, “la Pioche” published two photos showing him training, on an exercise bike. But it was above all the words he wrote in the caption of his message that intrigued: “ Expect the unexpected… » Words that provoked questions from readers and observers. In the comments, many messages of support for the player flourished. “ You will overcome this ordeal “, ” Don't give up and keep going », So many encouragements which will warm the heart of Paul Pogba.

Still hope

While waiting to know if he had anything special to announce, the footballer who just celebrated his thirty-one birthday on March 15, continues to do what is necessary to stay in shape. The date of its official appearance before the Court of Arbitration for Sport is not yet known and it should be many more weeks, or even several months, before a final decision is made. Paul Pogba hopes for greater leniency than in the verdict of the Italian anti-doping prosecutor.

The crossing of the desert promises to be a long one for a player who has not spent a season with more than thirty matches for three years. With a strong character, the French international still hopes to see the end of a tunnel that continues to lengthen. This is perhaps what he wanted to convey with his message.

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