France-Germany: Doping products found in the Blues locker room?


By: Manu Tournoux

While France and Germany meet this Saturday in Lyon, their last confrontation in official competition gave rise to disturbing revelations from the other side of the row.

A crazy project is taking shape and worrying: “Enhanced Games”, an “augmented sport” competition, free from any anti-doping control. The idea thrills the champions of the fight against doping, including Doctor Jean-Pierre Mondenard. Questioned in the columns of Parisianthe doping specialist nonetheless regretted the lack of courage of the authorities.

“To exist in high-level sport today, we know how much training is required. Even injured, even sick, you have to perform. So, we consume incredible quantities of anti-inflammatories and stimulants in endless over-medicalization. he whispered, pointing to the use of caffeine-based products such as Guronsan.

“For me, Guronsan is a doping product”

The latter is a medication known to combat fatigue, frequently used by students during exams, for example. This product, which contains vitamin C and caffeine, was particularly talked about during Euro 2016. According to the daily Bild, a tube of Guronsan was in fact found in the Blues locker room. after their victory in the semi-final against Germany.

Banned from 1982 to 2004, Guronsan was certainly removed from the list by the AMA but is still on the list of monitored products. And for Doctor Mondenard, “taking Guronsan to play football is similar to a doping practice”. “For me, Guronsan is a doping product. Caffeine increases performance in sports. It's proven. This increases cognitive abilities and reaction speed,” a German specialist, for his part, explained.

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