Deschamps has “the breath of Zizou in the back of his neck”


By: Manu Tournoux

The unusual outing of Didier Deschamps on a statement from the DTN of the French Football Federation caused some observers to react.

A few weeks ago, the national technical director (DTN) of the French Football Federation, Hubert Fournier, spoke about the way in which penalty shootout sessions should be approached and worked on by the French staff and players. An outing which triggered an unusual public reaction, from Didier Deschamps. Last Thursday at a press conference, the coach did not name the DTN, but was very annoyed by his comments. For some observers, he has been under a little more pressure for some time.

Didier Deschamps also made no secret of the fact that he knew that his position could be a source of internal jealousy. “ Me, attacked? No, I don't have a problem. Afterwards, there may be bad intentions, and I am not particularly targeting the DTN. From some people, yes, it is common knowledge. » A statement which therefore provoked numerous reactions and analyses, particularly from the media. Consultant for the channel The TeamPierre Bouby wanted to see in the coach's words, a reaction to a certain little pressure.

The Godfather

The former US Orléans player gave his point of view this Wednesday. “ He was (untouchable). It's not that he isn't anymore, but I find that Zizou's breath on the back of his neck is starting to feel a little hot. So it is less and less, obviously. We must remember under what circumstances he extended his contract until 2026. It was (Christmas) Le Graët who went over the Comex to make the decision, he was doing his thing. (…) In terms of results, with the teams he has had, he has almost always been there. The problem is that I think he did not optimize the France team as it should have been. »

Obviously a little tired of seeing Didier Deschamps still in office, Pierre Bouby continued: “ I feel like he's the Godfather. He's been here for twelve years. I miss his press conferences. » Very weak arguments to try to explain that someone else would do well in place of the current coach of the Blues. But the supporters of change are still there. Like Didier Deschamps.

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