Cantona and Papin at the Olympics? The funny invitation from Thierry Henry


By: Manu Tournoux

Thierry Henry responded enigmatically to the question of the possible selection of Karim Benzema for the French Olympic team, leaving a certain mystery lingering.

Karim Benzema has indicated that he would be willing to participate in the Paris Olympic Games with the French team. The Al Ittihad striker, who recently left Real Madrid, is eligible for a call-up.

However, former Real Madrid player Jerome Rothen felt that Benzema's chances of being selected were very low.

“All doors are open”

Asked about Benzema's foot call, Thierry Henry, the coach of the French Olympic team, kicked in.

“I’m coming back to the same debate, I’m not quoting anyone. I didn't cite anyone. The list will be much expanded. All doors are open, for everyone,” declared the Bleuets coach.

Henry responds with humor

Henry also added, in a humorous tone, that Jean-Pierre Papin and Eric Cantona could also claim selection.

“Now who will be on the list?” That's another debate. Papin and Cantona can come too (laughs)”he added.

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