Thunderbolt in Marseille! McCourt's new project which pushes OM into oblivion


By: Manu Tournoux

Frank McCourt and Olympique de Marseille, growing disenchantment?

Frank McCourt's involvement at Olympique de Marseille is increasingly being questioned. The American billionaire, who bought the club in 2016, seems to be gradually losing interest, leaving supporters and observers in uncertainty.

OM had a difficult season, marked by disappointing results and internal tensions. McCourt's silence in the face of these crises fueled rumors of the club being sold.

OM relegated to the background

The American magazine Fortune recently revealed that the boss of Ciel et Blanc was now devoting himself to a new project, the Liberty Project. This project, which aims to reform the Internet, seems to captivate the Boston native much more than football.

McCourt's involvement in Liberty Project is interpreted by some as a sign that OM is no longer his priority. His fight against the web giants and his ambition to revolutionize the internet monopolize him to the point of relegating the Marseille club to the background.

The future of OM in question

Thibaud Vézirian, a fervent supporter of the sale of OM, is preparing a book on the possible acquisition of the club by Saudi Arabia. This information reinforces speculation on the future of the 1993 European champion and on McCourt's real desire to continue his investment at the Vélodrome.

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