PSG: Riolo’s new lunar outing on Barcola


By: Manu Tournoux

Journalist Daniel Riolo attacks Bradley Barcola's hairstyle after PSG's victory against Montpellier on Sunday.

Despite Paris Saint-Germain's big victory against Montpellier (2-6), Sunday in Ligue 1, Daniel Riolo, consultant for RMC, did not fail to criticize one of the Parisian players: Bradley Barcola. In question ? His haircut.

“He is at the beginning of his journey so he still needs to train, Riolo first explained. And one detail, I insist on the fact that it is a detail, I will not be made to believe that a player can perform at a very high level with the things he has and which fall on his face. It's not possible, don't let anyone tell me it doesn't bother me. »

“You can’t play with that.”

The columnist then compares Barcola to other players and states that such a hairstyle is not acceptable at this level.

“Besides, there aren't any others, they all have their hair tied up, but not the hair that falls in front of their eyes and hits their face when you run. It's not possible, this fantasy, I don't believe it. If I'm a coach, I say to him: 'excuse me, but you can't play with that'”judged Riolo.

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