Mbappé is not a good investment for Jim Ratcliffe


By: Manu Tournoux

Kylian Mbappé (25 years old) will join Real Madrid this summer. A club where he will play with Jude Bellingham (20 years old). Asked about the two players by The IndependentSir Jim Ratcliffe, who bought 25% of Manchester United's shares, did not mince his words.

“He’s a great footballer (Bellingham) but that’s not our goal. The solution is not to spend a lot of money on a few big players. That's what they've done, if you look at the last 10 years. The first thing we need to do is put the right people in the right boxes, to manage and organize the club. We need to make sure the recruitment is right because a vital part of running a football club is recruiting well and finding new players.” Concerning KM7, he replied: “I prefer to find the next Mbappé, rather than spending a fortune to buy success. It’s not that smart to buy Mbappé, anyone could understand that.” But Real Madrid will get him back free, although adding various bonuses.

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