'You can't play with that', Barcola asked to change haircut


By: Manu Tournoux

For Daniel Riolo, Bradley Barcola does not have a haircut that allows him to perform at the highest level.

This is an astonishing criticism to say the least, not to say lunar… On the airwaves of RMC Sport, Daniel Riolo once again attacked Bradley Barcola. According to the famous editorialist, the former Lyonnais' haircut, less visible in recent matches, is not suitable for performing at the highest level.

“I won't be made to believe that a player can perform at a very high level with the things that fall on his face. Don't tell me it doesn't bother me. They all have their hair tied up, those who have this, not falling in front of the eyes and hitting the face when they run.Riolo said on Sunday evening in After Foot.

“I don’t believe in this fantasy”

“I don’t believe this fantasy. I'm a coach, I tell him 'you can't play with that'! »continued the journalist, who clearly does not carry international hope in his heart.

Last November, after the draw between PSG and Newcastle in the group stage of the Champions League, Daniel Riolo did not mince his words about the 21-year-old winger. He's a nice Bambi, but he's been at Lyon for six months, he's leaving because the club says 'there's a lot to be done' and he's going to PSG, he blurted out. From the moment he goes to PSG, he takes everything. He takes the transfer with everyone around him who has been complaining about my comments all day. They all gorged themselves on commission and gifts. It's fine for them to take the glory and the glory when things go in that direction, but they don't want the criticism that goes with it. From the moment you enter the club, you accept everything that comes with it. »

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