Towards the end of draws in football?


By: Manu Tournoux

What if all football matches necessarily ended with a winner and a loser? Here is the idea recommended by Gerard Piqué.

Gerard Pique would like to significantly change the rules of football. On January 1, 2023, the former FC Barcelona defender launched the Kings League, a seven-a-side football competition with atypical rules. Among these, temporary exclusions in the event of cardboard.

“One of the reasons we started the Kings League is because I saw my kids watching a football game, and after ten minutes they were on their phones, their tablets, watching something else. THE football competes with Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, TikTok »declared the former international, retired since 2022, during an interview with Sunday Times.

The change is now ?

Gerard Piqué would like to push the experimentation quite far. “We have to find ways to score more goals, or ensure that a match cannot end in a draw. A 90-minute match that can end 0-0 is very difficult for the news to understand generation. Football is afraid of change. It has a huge history, it’s very traditional, but change is going to come, it has to come.”believes the former husband of singer Shakira.

The former Spanish international has already tried certain experiments in sport, in tennis. The new Davis Cup formula, a competition which was sold to Gerard Piqué's company Kosmos in 2018, had clearly not been a great success.

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