Klopp's big disappointment


By: Manu Tournoux

Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp got annoyed after a journalist's question on the sidelines of the Reds' defeat at Manchester United on Sunday.

On Sunday, Liverpool suffered a bitter defeat against Manchester United (3-4 ap) in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. A disappointment which visibly marked Jürgen Klopp, the coach of the Reds. The latter, known for his humor and joviality, reacted dryly to the question of a Danish journalist, who asked him about the drop in intensity of his team in overtime.

“That's a bit of a stupid question. retorted Klopp in a post-match press conference. Especially when you see us play so often, you might never see us and say, 'how can they still have resources?' »

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The German technician then added: “We played I don’t know how many matches (46, editor’s note). I don't know how many Manchester United played (40, editor's note)… It's sport. I'm really disappointed by this question, but you must have thought it was a good one,” concluded the 56-year-old coach, before ending the press conference.

Klopp's frustration is understandable. Liverpool have played a significant number of matches this season (46 matches, editor's note), and physical and mental fatigue can begin to be felt. In addition, the defeat against United is a hard blow for the Mersey club, still in the running for the title of champion of England and in the Europa League.

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