French team: big concerns around Antoine Griezmann


By: Manu Tournoux

Replacing yesterday against FC Barcelona during Atlético de Madrid's 3-0 defeat, Antoine Griezmann came on as a substitute without managing to reverse the trend. Four days earlier, he had nevertheless produced a good performance against Inter Milan in the Champions League, all after three weeks of unavailability due to injury. A return directly to the action for the French striker who finds the French team for this March break.

Arriving this morning in Clairefontaine, the winner of the 2018 World Cup found his former teammates with a smile. However, his presence to challenge Germany this Saturday and Chile this Tuesday remains very uncertain. The Team announces that the presence of Antoine Griezmann within the France group may not last very long for this March group, since his ankle pain remains significant.

The next few hours will be crucial

At a press conference this Monday, Didier Deschamps was directly alerted to this subject and explained that decisions will arrive very quickly: “There are checks underway today and this evening. We will take stock and make decisions tomorrow. Some players have small problems. The match is Saturday, by tomorrow we will know.”

He then mentioned the case of Antoine Griezmann in particular: “Antoine has a problem with his ankle even though he played 45 minutes yesterday.” Still having to make his decision with the medical staff, Didier Deschamps could therefore find himself having to deal without Antoine Griezmann for this last gathering before Euro 2024. A hell of a blow in anticipation for the Blues.

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