Benzema, the possible return to the French team


By: Manu Tournoux

Karim Benzema back in the blue jersey, Didier Deschamps himself raises this possibility this Monday.

Karim Benzema in the French team, the story seemed to be over after the confusing episode of the 2022 World Cup. The situation could, however, change this summer if Thierry Henry were to summon the person concerned for the Paris Olympic Games. A meeting likely to also motivate former executives such as Raphaël Varane and Hugo Lloris.

The subject was discussed this Monday during the press conference of the Blues coach Didier Deschamps. “ You have to ask Thierry Henry. The common goal is to have the best team. If they want it (Benzema, Lloris or Varane, editor’s note) and Thierry needs them why not. They can be candidates like many, because almost everyone wants to go there. »

In Tokyo already…

The Espoirs coach now measures the scale of the task, faced with the ultimate difficulty of convincing clubs to release their players outside the Fifa calendar, therefore without any obligation. “ It's the Olympics here, in France, the French clubs will be there I think to help. But for foreign clubs, I suspected it. I never stopped at the first no. We will see what we can do, the decision will remain that of the clubs, given that these are not Fifa dates. We will try to discuss, but it is not easy “, breathes Thierry Henry while Real Madrid, Kylian Mbappé's probable future employer, has already made it known that it will not sell its players.

While he was still banned from the French team, Karim Benzema was already declared a candidate for the Tokyo Olympics, by his agent Karim Djaziri, in 2021. “ He has not stopped his international career. Who wouldn't want to play in the Olympic Games? If we offered him, he would go straight away », The former representative of the future Ballon d'Or then judged on the airwaves of Europe 1. A KB9 who is having a complicated season in Saudi Arabia with Al-Ittihad, but whose sporting trajectory has already been surprising in the past.

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