Barça: Xavi loves Antoine Griezmann


By: Manu Tournoux

Having passed through Barça where his arrival had made Catalan supporters salivate in 2019, Antoine Griezmann ultimately did not leave a lasting memory at the club. Today, the French international is still recovering at Atlético de Madrid, and will intend to shine against Barça tomorrow evening in La Liga (9:00 p.m.). Present at a press conference this Saturday, the Catalan coach, Xavi, was invited to speak about the Frenchman. And obviously, he’s a fan of it.

“Griezmann’s departure from Barça was an economic question linked to the salary cap. I really like Griezmann, I would say he is an organizing player. He is the one who organizes the entire Atlético de Madrid attack. If it did not continue with us, it is mainly for economic reasons.

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