We know Erling Haaland’s recipe for success


By: Manu Tournoux

Since his arrival at Manchester City, Erling Haaland (23) has been stacking goals. With 81 goals in 84 matches, the Norwegian is almost at one goal per match. The Sun thinks he has found the reason for such success. It would reside in the Manchester City striker’s diet. When he arrived in Manchester, the Norwegian went to an Italian restaurant and started eating the same dish over and over again: pasta with cream and mushrooms. The owner of the establishment had promised him a hat-trick: “I told him: ‘If you score a hat-trick on Sunday, thank Beppe and Vero Moderno.’ He scored a hat-trick, it was very funny. Then he came back and asked for the same pasta. Same pasta, new hat trick. That’s how it all started with him.”

“We joke about ‘triple pasta’ now. He’s a world-class player, a world-class man. This cannot be bought” says the restaurant manager. In a previous interview, Erling Haaland attributed his success to his father Alfie’s homemade lasagna. The Norwegian has a true love affair with pasta…

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