PSG: Luis Enrique reveals his truths about the Remontada and his reunion with Barça


By: Manu Tournoux

This Friday, PSG finally knew their opponent for the quarter-finals of the Champions League. And surprise, the opponent is a regular since it is, once again (the 6th time in 12 years) FC Barcelona. An obviously very special match, firstly because it is directly associated with the iconic comeback of 2017, but also because the two clubs are linked by players (Ousmane Dembélé) and by a coach: Luis Enrique. The Spanish technician, today on the Parisian bench, was at the head of the Blaugranas during the 6-1 and more generally, he spent 3 years on the Catalan bench (8 years as a player).

So obviously, the idea of ​​seeing him return to his favorite club did not displease him, quite the contrary. “I am happy, very happy with this draw. I’m going home (laughs). There are always things that happen in matches between PSG and Barça. There is a lot of history between the two teams, they have experienced intense things, so it will be a promising match.he first confided to the microphone of PSG TV before continuing in a press conference. “We were lucky, we returned to Spain. We Spaniards love our country. I am returning to the city where I made my sporting career. That’s very good news. We knew that the C1 was going to give us a big team with high-level individual quality.

Strong words from Luis Enrique on the comeback

The former La Roja coach then spoke about the draw as a whole and his desire not to put too much pressure on his group in a competition that is often poorly managed emotionally by the Parisian players. “There are two parts to the draws. There is the one where we are there, the four can be in the final with Dortmund, Atlético, PSG and Barça. And there are the favorites, Real, City, Bayern and Arsenal who are on the other side. So this is perhaps the hardest part of squares to predict. On our side of the table, we have chances. It’s very interesting. Stress in C1? I’m going to do what I’m doing now, that’s the message before the match, the week before. So that our fans are passionate, when we concede a goal or something. We want the supporters to experience this with a lot of passion and we must continue with the same message.

But in this press conference, Luis Enrique obviously did not escape questions about the comeback, which he experienced from the inside and in the camp opposite. A sensitive subject for Parisian supporters that the Spanish coach managed rather well. Titillated by a journalist about the possibility that this match could be the most memorable moment of his career, Luis Enrique had a rather astonishing response. “It’s not the best moment of my career because it was useless since Juventus released us afterwards. So we don’t win the C1. It was special, but it wasn’t the most important match of my career. And for there to be a comeback, there was a forward. PSG won 4-0, that week, they idolized the coach and even in the media. And that’s normal. They only talk to me about the comeback, but just before that we were between life and death. It was not pleasant to live with. Me, I remember the 4-0 especially, but I also remember the 6-1, yes. It’s part of history, I’m proud of my career. As a coach and player. I certainly could have done better, but I’m trying to do it. The present wants me to be on the PSG bench for this match and I will give the best version of me.

The reunion with Xavi

As usual, Luis Enrique did not fail to show his confidence for this double confrontation. If he is aware of the talent of this Barcelona team, he also knows that his team is ready for this kind of confrontation. “The favorite or not, it doesn’t matter to me. I believe I conveyed the confidence I have in my team. We will be better thanks to the experience of the players in this competition. We have the same ambition as since the start of the season. The fans are going to see a team that is going to struggle. We’re not going to speculate if someone beats us, well done, but we’ll want to win. We have all the players ready. This is our greatest advantage.”

Facing him, the former Roma coach will also find a man he knows well: Xavi Hernandez. The current Barça coach was Luis Enrique’s captain at Barça. An advantage to approach this quarter-final? Not really according to LE. “I don’t know Xavi’s job as coach, but he knows mine. It has changed in a few years. But I see his work at the club, we have all seen it and we all know him. I would have liked him to coach me as a player. It would have been a good opportunity. When you are at a club like Barça, you have to have the level to coach. So Xavi is ready and he won La Liga. It’s a top, historic club and it will be difficult. They have won 5 C1. They know what they’re doing. And we don’t have any C1, but we have the ambition to do it. We don’t know if we will win it, but that’s our goal. » It is also the objective of all Parisian supporters who will continue to dream of a first star.

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