Messi, alert for the Argentinian selection


By: Manu Tournoux

Lionel Messi is no longer as physically fit as in his early youth. Regularly plagued by physical problems, the world champion worries Argentina.

As much of a football extraterrestrial as he may have been and remains, Lionel Messi is no less a man and time has as much of a hold on him as it does on everyone else. The proof: the Inter Miami player is more and more often plagued by small physical problems, something that never happened to him before. But since leaving Barcelona, ​​his body has started to show some slight signs of weakness. So much so that on the side of Argentina, caution is requested and a certain concern appears.

In the land ofAlbiceleste, Inter Miami’s management of its eight-time Ballon d’Or is at the heart of concerns these days. As relayed Foot Mercato this Saturday, several media outlets took a stand in Argentina to demand that the national treasure of the selection be protected. Especially since coach Lionel Scaloni’s team will have a lot to do in the coming months, including defending their Copa America title.

Caution before the Copa

It is also this deadline which monopolizes the attention of Argentine followers, including the editorialist Jorge Mario Trasmonte who returned to the use of Messi by his club. “ The need to see him play and schedule matches for him in succession at 36 years old has consequences. There is muscle discomfort and it is time to take a break. » Last February, Inter’s pre-season tour created a little controversy because Lionel Messi was unable to play all the matches, with injury as the reason given.

Organized from June 20 to July 16, 2024, the upcoming Copa America should be Lionel Messi’s last major challenge with his selection. While he will be celebrating his thirty-seventh birthday in the middle of the competition, the former FC Barcelona player will have to take care of himself a little until then. Argentinian supporters do not yet imagine having to do without him.

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