Lazio: Ciro Immobile attacked by his supporters in front of his son’s school


By: Manu Tournoux

Just a few weeks ago, Lazio Rome could claim a bright future on the European scene. In ambush to grab the top 5 of the Italian championship, the Laziale club at the same time offered itself the scalp of Bayern Munich. But today everything fell apart. Swept at the Allianz Arena by the Bavarian team and eliminated from the Champions League, the Biancocelesti also suffered setbacks in Serie A. This bad series also got the better of Maurizio Sarri, who resigned from his post as coach midweek. The worrying situation of the Roman club is tensing its supporters who have attacked one of their idols, Ciro Immobile. As relayed by theAFPthe Italian striker and captain of Lazio was verbally attacked and pushed by his own fans while he was going to his son’s school, accompanied by his wife, this Friday.

As a result, the 34-year-old player decided to file a complaint against… the Italian press which he considers to be responsible for this attack for having notably mentioned a possible involvement on his part in the ousting of his coach. “All this, unfortunately, follows incitement to hatred encouraged by part of the press and journalists through their social networks who spread motives of hatred against Ciro Immobile, reporting facts that do not correspond to reality”revealed the Transalpin lawyers before continuing: “Such statements are seriously defamatory and therefore damaging to his image, both professional and personal, and will be brought to the attention of the competent magistrate. Incitement to hatred, especially gratuitous ones, is a crime that must be punished. »

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