Deschamps, the observation that hurts


By: Manu Tournoux

While Didier Deschamps and Hubert Fournier are in conflict over penalties, Sidney Govou suggests that the current coach of the Blues is living a little too much in the past…

The controversy practically overshadowed the announcement of the list for the Blues’ next two matches. Thursday, at a press conference, Didier Deschamps sharply attacked Hubert Fournier, the DTN.

The latter had the misfortune of advocating for special training for penalties, which Deschamps considers unnecessary. For the 1998 world champion, it is impossible to reproduce the real conditions of a penalty shootout, after 120 minutes, with fatigue and maximum pressure.

“Deschamps is from another generation”

Invited to speak on the subject, Sidney Govou sees a generation gap, and a Deschamps a little too old-fashioned on this subject. “In the Deschamps era, training for penalties could mean going to extra time. We didn’t work on them. There was shooter No. 1, No. 2… We often had No. 1 shoot last. We realized that we had to have the best shooter shoot first”explained the former Lyonnais on RMC.

Training does not provide guarantees of success, but it still provides keys to preventing this famous “lottery” from coming down to 50/50. “Statistics today prove that working on penalties allows you to maximize your chances of winning, explains Govou. Fournier works with people who use statistics a lot at the Federation. He explained via A+B that if you work on them you have a better chance of winning. But we can’t blame Deschamps who is from another generation. »

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