Deschamps, breakup confirmed


By: Manu Tournoux

If he experienced some of the finest hours of the France team with him, Christophe Dugarry confirmed that he no longer spoke to Didier Deschamps.

Although they were world champions in 1998 and Europe in 2000 under the same jersey, Didier Deschamps and Christophe Dugarry do not like each other. Difference in character, personality, points of view on certain subjects? The answers are theirs, but it is now common knowledge that former French internationals do not get along like thieves. If he has already spoken out on the subject several times, “Duga” brought it up again this Saturday.

During an interview given to The Team, the former Girondins de Bordeaux and Birmingham spoke about his relationship, or rather his lack of relationship, with the current coach of the France team. Returning to the celebration of twenty-five years of the world title with a dinner organized by France 98, Christophe Dugarry confirmed that an immense gap had opened up between him and Didier Deschamps. “ There was no hello, no handshake, nothing. There is no longer any connection between us. »

Dugarry awaits answers

A sad reality which could cause a certain discomfort between the two men, since Dugarry will commentate on certain Blues matches during Euro 2024 (June 14-July 14), and will therefore come across Deschamps. “ Certainly ! I hope he won’t be in the stands like me, that wouldn’t be a good sign… » A new dig, followed by self-criticism: “ I don’t think I’m hard on him, I’m doing my job, I just always ask myself questions. »

And the consultant returns to the 2022 World Cup final lost by the Blues against Argentina. With another acidic message for the attention of his former teammate: “ These 70, 80 empty minutes of the final of the last World Cup on which he never spoke. I’m still waiting for answers on the preparation, particularly mental, for this match, on what he wanted to offer tactically, if there were sick players as we said? »

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