Toulouse-OL: Cherki, the real reasons for the downgrade


By: Manu Tournoux

After having started a series of starts in the first part of the season, Rayan Cherki is going through a very delicate period. The Espoir international was not called up by Thierry Henry this week.

Thierry Henry’s main man when the 1998 world champion took office, Rayan Cherki was notably absent from the list communicated by the Bleuets coach for the upcoming gathering. And the reason for this downgrade is very clear: the talented Lyonnais is a victim of his situation at OL.

I know Rayan very well, (but he has) less playing time, it’s much more difficult », said Thierry Henry at the microphone of La Chaîne L’Equipe, official broadcaster of Espoirs matches.

Henry cash on Cherki

There are players who are arriving too, continued Thierry Henry. We have to look at what Maghnes Akliouche is doing in Monaco. So here is. Simply put, performance. Again, this is not a punishment. There are the 2001s coming. Internally, I told them that too and I say it quite often: one day’s truth is not often the next day’s truth. »

Again, this is not a punishment. At the moment, as you can clearly see, he is in a bit of trouble in Lyon. He will have a phone call after speaking with you, with explanations », concluded Thierry Henry about the Lyon attacking midfielder. The message has gotten through.

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