OM: Marcelino’s big tackle for Marseille!


By: Manu Tournoux

Despite the elimination of Villarreal, the Spanish technician puffed out his chest after the victory against OM on Thursday evening (3-1).

OM were very scared. Large winner in its first round against Villarreal (4-0), the Marseille club trembled until the end to snatch their ticket for the quarter-finals of the Europa League. Beaten by Marcelino’s team on the return leg (3-1), the Marseillais are doing very well according to the Spanish technician, who did not hesitate to affirm that in his eyes, the best team had not passed.

“I think the word miracle takes away the importance of work, Marcelino blurted out.. In football, there are few miracles and a lot of work. I think today we were very superior to Olympique de Marseille. With our work, we played a great game, we overwhelmed Olympique de Marseille. I think we deserved more than 4 goals and we deserved to qualify.”

Marcelino has it bad

The former OM coach then clarified his thoughts. “For example, at 3-0, we could have scored this 4-0, there were 3 chances for us. I think that on the OM side, I only remember one opportunity from Aubameyang, an action for Olympique de Marseille so, on the counter-attack, while we had a ball from a set piece, we We lacked a little bit of intensity. I don’t remember any other chances for Olympique de Marseille even though we had opportunities of all colors. »

“Also, add that the best player for Olympique de Marseille this evening was their goalkeeper. So there you have it, if we put all that on the table, I think we deserved better. It’s true that in football there is also a luck factor sometimes, but I don’t believe in miracles in football, but above all in good work, and we deserved that tonight.” concluded the Spaniard. An outing which should not improve its image in the Marseille city…

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