DAZN, the new thunderbolt


By: Manu Tournoux

Main candidate for TV rights to Ligue 1 over the period 2024-2029, DAZN is in conflict with the Canal+ group, the “Netflix of sport” refuses to pay the 60 million euros as part of its partnership with C+.

Yet another twist in the Ligue 1 TV rights series. DAZN, the only candidate for broadcasting the best matches of the French championship over the period 2024-2029, has not increased its offer of 500 million euros to the attention of the LFP. Vincent Labrune therefore turned to beIN Sports to find a solution allowing him to reach the 900 million euros now hoped for (including international rights).

At the same time, DAZN is acting up. As RMC indicated on Friday, the British streaming service, nicknamed “the Netflix of sport”, refuses to pay the 60 million euros for its partnership with Canal +! An improbable standoff which, however, recalls the old bickering between the authorities and the various broadcasters of French football in recent years (including the withdrawal of Mediapro in December 2020).

No more subscribers for DAZN!

DAZN landed on the French market last summer with a partnership of choice with C+. For 60 million euros, a DAZN channel is offered free of charge to Canal+ Premium subscribers and DAZN has recovered the two Ligue 1 matches for its platform. However, this deal with the “encrypted channel” is considered too expensive due to the low impact in terms of subscriptions! Canal+ has not brought any additional subscribers to DAZN since August 2023.

As RMC specifies, DAZN is also unhappy with the lack of agreement with Canal+ concerning the possible broadcast of Ligue 1 over the period 2024-2029. The company headed by Maxime Saada is determined not to collaborate with the LFP, considering itself to be betrayed as the historic broadcaster of the French championship. Obviously, DAZN still needs Canal+ to make itself known…

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