Olympic Games, France: the surprising new reason why Real Madrid does not want to release Kylian Mbappé


By: Manu Tournoux

Will we see Kylian Mbappé at the Olympic Games this summer? Perhaps in the stands to attend events of your choice, but on the pitches, it looks complicated. As revealed in the daily newspaper The Team, the trend is rather negative. The striker’s future arrival in Madrid seriously complicates his participation. Already, because the Merengues have no obligation to release him, the Olympics not being considered a FIFA date. But also because for his adaptation to his new team and for purely physical reasons, it is perhaps not the best option…

Regardless, it remains interesting to see what has been said in Madrid on this subject in recent weeks. This is also an issue that had often been discussed in the media, and which actually created a little concern. “You can ask any doctor or fitness trainer. He will play more than 50 matches just with PSG, then we have to add the Euro and the Olympic Games”we were worried on the side of the Cadena SER recently. There was this comparison with the year 2021 of Pedri, who had played 73 matches in total including the Olympics, and who is still, today, struggling to recover.

Too busy a summer?

Generally speaking, public opinion in Madrid is rather against the player’s participation in this competition. The Madrilenians do not want to risk an injury or a poor adaptation of their galactic future for a tournament not considered important. “The Olympic Games are not for experienced players. You are not there to live your dreams, you are there to respect contracts. Football is not an Olympic sport. Mbappé has nothing to do there, like Griezmann, Ramos or Piqué (the two wanted to go there in 2021, Editor’s note)”confided for example the journalist Anton Meana on this subject on the same radio.

And on the side of the Madrid management, what do we think about it? Well according to El Español, we’re not particularly warm in the Bernabéu offices either. First, because participation in the tournament would give Mbappé little time to adapt to his new team and to rest. Upon his return, a specific individual training plan should be put in place for him. But also because there is a summer tour in the United States and, obviously, the presence of the player would be a huge boost on the marketing level, in order to fill the stadiums or seal agreements with sponsors. A tour in which he would not be able to take part in the event of participation in the Olympic Games. It is therefore also for this reason that Real Madrid takes a dim view of his presence in Paris this summer…

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