When Carragher slips up with Kate Abdo


By: Manu Tournoux

The former Liverpool defender made a questionable remark about the presenter of the CBS show, mentioning her infidelity.

It’s one of the most famous football shows on the planet. After each Champions League match, CBS brings together a nice trio of consultants, with Thierry Henry, Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards, in a “show” orchestrated by the experienced Kate Abdo.

The atmosphere is generally good-natured, with amusing sequences which often loop on social networks the day after the matches. But Tuesday evening, Jamie Carragher may have crossed the line on the air, with an inappropriate remark against the presenter of the show.

Kate Abdo unfaithful?

For some reason, Carragher wore an Arsenal shirt, and the former Liverpool defender told Thierry Henry and Kate Abdo that they should do the same. That would make sense to Gunners legend Henry, but Abdo said it was out of the question for her because she was ” faithful “ at Manchester United.

“You are not faithful to Malik”immediately released Carragher, in reference to Malik Scott, the boyfriend of Kate Abdo, a boxing coach who notably takes care of Deontay Wilder. ” What ? But how can you say that? »reacted the CBS presenter, while Thierry Henry and Micah Richards had difficulty hiding their embarrassment.

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