Pierre Ménès, the big rant


By: Manu Tournoux

The former Canal Football Club columnist gave a rant on his YouTube channel this week.

A keen observer of Paris Saint-Germain, Pierre Ménès does not approve of Luis Enrique’s decisions. The journalist pointed out the choice of the Spanish technician to use Kylian Mbappé sparingly for several weeks.

I would like someone to explain to me what nonsense we can try to make people believe that we are preparing for next season in March. », thundered Pierre Ménès on his Youtube channel.

“If Mbappé had not announced his departure…”

We’re preparing for next season when there’s nothing left to play! But there you still have to be champion, you have to win the cup and go as far as you can in the Champions League », continued Pierre Ménès, very perplexed. “ I’m willing to hear the squad management argument but at some point too much rotation kills rotation. “.

Mbappé’s management? I know that for some I have no objectivity but I confirm what I have thought from the start, if Mbappé had not announced his departure, he would never come out of the matches. I also note that his brother Ethan is no longer on the bench since his announcement to the club. So that means that either Ethan was in the group to please his big brother or that he is being made to pay for his big brother’s departure but in both cases it is unacceptable. », concluded Ménès.

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