Cyril Hanouna gets involved in the Mbappé-Mohamed Henni clash


By: Manu Tournoux

Yesterday, the Mbappé clan served notice on influencer Mohamed Henni, who used the name of the PSG player to name a burger sold in his restaurant chain. On the menu, we can also read that it is a “ round baker’s bread, as round as Mbappé’s skull ». This did not please the player’s entourage, who called on his lawyers. For his part, Mohamed Henni charged the star of the France team. “The inevitable happened. The terrible news… I’m talking to you seriously. There are zero lies. I won’t hide the fact that this is bad news. There is a football player, an international star, who filed a complaint against me. I am serious with you. My lawyer received the mail today. I will read it to you later. I’m not telling you who it is. I am in shock. I didn’t think he knew who I was. He took the time and money to attack me, to file a complaint. That’s all he has to do. I’m not hurting anyone. I do humor, I am self-deprecating. I’m here to tease with jokes, but nothing mean. I find myself before the courts. We’ll see, you’re not ashamed, that’s all you have to do? Take me to court, file a complaint against me for this, for next to nothing? I’m falling from a great height. (…) There, I fall from a skyscraper. He has no face. At the same time, he’s not a human, he’s…” But he stopped himself before saying too much.

This clash made a certain Cyril Hanouna react. Close to KM7, the host of the show TPMP defended the 25-year-old against attacks from Marseillais. “No, but frankly I adore Mohamed Henni. How funny! No, but it’s okay, it’s nice. I am sure that Kylian Mbappé is not even aware, that it is his lawyers or the people who represent him who are being zealous. What is certain is that the matter will have to be resolved in court.

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