Aubameyang, the big controversy over his assists


By: Manu Tournoux

A visual from the LFP on the decisive passers in Ligue 1 made some OM supporters jump. But there is an explanation.

It all started with a visual from the LFP. We see the best passers in Ligue 1, with Ousmane Dembélé ahead of a slew of players (Minamino, Daramy, Sotoca, Ito). But not Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, to the great dismay of Olympique de Marseille supporters.

On X (formerly Twitter), several Internet users added a note to the LFP post: “the real 2nd best passer tied with 1st with 7 assists is Marseille’s Pierre-Emeric Aubameyang as shown on the statistics sites”it is written, with a link to sites like Transfermakt and Football Database.

Two assists not granted by the LFP

The confusion comes from the fact that statistics sites do not count assists in the same way as the LFP. Some sites award an assist to the player who last touched the ball, before the scorer. For the LFP, the pass must be truly intentional for it to be counted. After each day, a committee meets to approve or not the decisive passes.

For Aubameyang, the two assists are missing are as follows: in Metz (2-2, 2nd day), where it is not certain that his pass for Emran Soglo was voluntary; in Lorient (2-4, 15th day), where the Gabonese deflects a header from Gigot on a cross, allowing the ball to fall at the feet of Chancel Mbemba.

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