Mbappé aside, he explains everything!


By: Manu Tournoux

Kylian Mbappé enjoys a new status at Paris Saint-Germain, between sporting and political choice.

Kylian Mbappé is no longer the untouchable player he was. Replacing for the third time this season in Ligue 1 this Sunday against Reims (2-2), the French striker has seen his status evolve within Paris Saint-Germain since the announcement of his free departure at the end of the season.

Coach Luis Enrique no longer hesitates to deal without the 2018 world champion, a choice which, according to Vikash Dhorasoo, former PSG player, would not come only from the Spanish technician, but rather from the club’s management.

Dhorasoo’s theory

Dhorasoo puts forward an intriguing theory: “I think he is more docile than you think and that he sticks to club policy. When it was necessary to try to extend Mbappé, he acted accordingly and Mbappé played… Politics today is perhaps the priority in the Champions League. »

Clearly, the Parisian coach would adapt to the priorities of the capital club, which today would be to favor the Champions League to the detriment of Ligue 1.

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