Manuel Akanji replaces Trent Alexander-Arnold


By: Manu Tournoux

Before the decisive clash between Liverpool and Manchester City on Sunday, Trent Alexander-Arnold (25) set the scene ablaze by claiming that the Skyblues had become a winning machine thanks to their financial power, and that the trophies won by the Reds had more value for supporters. This statement obviously made the Citizens react, and in particular Manuel Akanji (28 years old). The Swiss central defender, interviewed by Yahoo Sportsreplied the Englishman.

“The words of Alexandre-Arnold? I don’t know why he said that. He didn’t even play. He can’t say it because he didn’t win. That’s all I have to say. If you win three titles in a year, or five like we did, then he can talk,” he declared, a few hours after the draw between the two teams (1-1).

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