Hakimi, the trauma


By: Manu Tournoux

The PSG right-back still does not seem to have recovered from the early elimination of Morocco during the last CAN.

Since returning from the African Cup of Nations, played in Ivory Coast, Achraf Hakimi has been nothing more than a shadow of himself. Sunday afternoon, against Stade de Reims, the Moroccan international undoubtedly produced one of the worst Parisian copies, due in particular to a disastrous start to the match.

“I don’t like this version of Hakimi, deplores journalist Romain Beddouk on the airwaves of France Bleu Paris. Sunday, he was responsible for the first goal, he lost a ball in the area and it was a goal. His loss of the ball was full of nonchalance, even self-importance and against anyone, even in Ligue 1, it is punished. The problem is that this attitude and level of performance is starting to repeat itself with Hakimi. »

Haunted by CAN

“I have the impression that he still hasn’t come back from his CAN, that his head is still there. It’s not easy to recover, but PSG really needs Achraf Hakimi. Right back, this is perhaps the only position where the club does not have a replacement to challenge the holder. The best remedy for trauma is success”continues the man who is one of the co-founders of the Club des 5 (a program covering the news of the five major championships on Youtube and Twitch).

On January 30, Morocco was eliminated from the CAN by South Africa in the round of 16. Achraf Hakimi had the opportunity to equalize ten minutes from the end of the match but the right side missed his penalty.

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