Bayern Munich sends final offer to retain Alphonso Davies


By: Manu Tournoux

You just have to take a look at the team compositions for next season imagined by Real Madrid fans to realize that in their eyes, the arrival of Alphonso Davies is a given. It must be said that the Spanish press has placed a lot of emphasis in recent weeks on the possible arrival of the Canadian left-back. Real Madrid have already found a contractual agreement, with a 4-year contract at stake.

But Bayern Munich has not yet thrown in the towel. And the Davies case is also one of the first missions entrusted to sports director Max Eberl, in addition to the search for a new coach. Under contract until 2025, Davies is at a pivotal moment in his career and is in a strong position to negotiate the best possible remuneration.

Bayern has not given up

He would demand €20 million per year from the Bavarian club, which has already said no to these demands. On the other hand, as explained Sky Germany, the Munich management has started discussions with the player’s representatives, with a contract proposal at stake. It would be between €11 and €13 million gross per year, with the lease ending in 2029.

Enough to make the Canadian flinch? According to the German media, if the latter remains stuck to its financial demands, then a departure will be accepted by German management, which does not want to upset its salary hierarchy. Real Madrid would then have the way clear, even if it will be necessary to pay a nice check to buy out the last year of the player’s contract.

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